Volunteer duties undertaken by members are vital to the running of the club

If you wish to volunteer the following should help you find the right place to start.

The Club uses various different DutyMan systems to mange race duties. To find the correct system for you view the Guide


Club Powerboat Driving Rules

If you require further information on volunteering for Adult race duties at Parkstone Yacht Club please email dutyman@parkstoneyc.co.uk

The different roles are described briefly here:

There are also other opportunities to help with Race duties. Please see the options below and contact the indicated person if you want more information.


Monday Evening ILCA (Laser) racing

Please contact the ILCA (Laser) class captain

Wednesday afternoon
Flying Fifteen, XOD and Shrimpers

Please contact Alan Hescroff

Flying Fifteen Friday Evenings

Please contact the Flying Fifteen class captain

Youth racing

Please contact the class concerned

AB racing

Please contact the AB class captain AB Class captain