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Volunteer duties undertaken by members are vital to the running of the club.
If you wish to volunteer the following should help you find the right place to start.

The following Duties require volunteers during April.
(Updated at 1530 on 2 March)
Date Time Duty Event
16/04/2017 09:00 Support Boat W Crew Easter Series
17/04/2017 09:00 Support Boat W Crew Easter Series
26/04/2017 17:00 ARO4 Dinghy Series
26/04/2017 09:00 BeachMaster Dinghy Series
29/04/2017 12:30 PRO Sat Series 2 race day
29/04/2017 12:30 ARO4 Sat Series 2 race day
If you are able to help please log into DutyMan and volunteer or contact Bob Moberly.
The different roles are described briefly here:  
  • Duties
    Race Management duties for Monday Evening Cruisers, Wednesday Evening Dinghies and Saturday afternoon are managed through DutyMan. If you do not have a log in contact Bob Moberly.
    Monday Evening Laser racing contact the laser class captain.
    Wednesday afternoon Flying Fifteen, XOD and Shrimpers contact Alan Hescroff.
    For Friday Evenings contact Flying Fifteen class captain.
    For youth racing contact the class concerned of the youth co-ordinator.