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Powerboat Training

All these courses are available only to Club Members.

RYA Advanced, Level 2, Instructors & Safety Boat Courses

The courses are scheduled to fit in with the busy schedule of Club racing and events, so are generally run between Christmas and Easter each year. The Club also runs a modular course that runs from the start of May for about 10 weeks, usually on Tuesday evenings. Courses can be at other times, subject to avilability of Club facilites and instructors.

RYA Powerboat Level 2

This is a 2 day course teaching you all the necessary skills and knowledge to drive one of the Club Ribs, Jennies or Nelsons to be able to complete duties. As a coastal club the course run by the Club covers basic navigation, collision regulations (IRPCS) and pilotage. Courses generally take place over a weekend, all day Saturday and Sunday. The courses have a significant practical content.

The Club runs these courses with a capacity for 3 members, allowing time to become fully confident in operating a powerboat.

09:00 - 17:00

In line with all of Parkstone Yacht Club's RYA Powerboat Level 2 courses for our members, you have to pay £100.00 when booking the course. You are then able to claim back up to £40.00 (effectively reducing the cost of the course to £60.00). The £40.00 will be refunded upon the completion of 4 Club duties. This refund will transfered directly onto your Membership Club Card.

Children aged 12 to 16 will have to pay £150.00 when booking the course, as children of this age are unable to complete duties at the Club and are as such not subsidised for the course.

Adult sail and powerboat training runs throughout the year.

Courses are predominantly run throughout the winter period.

Booking Procedure

All courses are now bookable via our Online Booking System.

It is highly recommended that all candidates also obtain a First Aid certifcate and a VHF SRC (GMDSS) certificate

This course leads, on successful completion, to the issuing of a RYA Powerboat Level 2 Certificate.

Safety Boat

This course leads on successful completion to the award of the RYA Safety Boat certificate. This course covers the techniques for effective safety cover for racing dinghies and other craft. The course has a significant practical content which covers the recovery of crew in the water and dinghies sailed at the Club. This includes catamarans, single handers, skiffs and conventional dinghies. The course also covers the management of safety fleets for racing events and the identification and mitigation fo risks in the sailing area. This is particularly relevant in Poole Harbour

Courses generally take place in the Spring over two days.

  • Saturday - All day majority water based practice
  • Sunday - Morning providing safety cover to the racing at the Club, afternoon wash up

Note: All Candidates MUST HOLD a Powerboat Level 2 certificate. The candidates are expected to be confident RIB drivers as these are used as the main Club safety boats. If youare uncertain of your RIB driving standard a pre-assessment can be arranged, which will only take half an hour.


The Club has a small number of qualified instructors who give their time as volunteers to run the above courses. Instructor courses are run using external trainers to train these instructors and as such are run infrequently.

Refresher Training

All members wishing to drive Club boats MUST HOLD at least an RYA Powerboat Level 2 certificate. However, if you hold this certificate but have not driven for a while or have not driven a powerboat at Parkstone Yacht Club you may wish to receive some refresher training. This could cover:

  • Basic driving practice
  • Manoeuvring in the Marina
  • Gaining radio confidence
  • Parkstone Yacht Club Procedures (booking out kit, refuelling, reporting problems etc)
  • Driving the Club Nelsons
  • Advice on race management support (Mark laying, start lines, shortening courses)
  • Advice on how to approach dinghies that may require assistance
  • Harbour familiarisation (Navigation and Pilotage covering marks, sand banks etc)

The refresher training could be anything from a 5 minute brief, before going afloat to undertake your safety boat duty, to a full day on the water. Refresher training can be done in small groups or on a one to one basis.

Refresher training is arranged on an adhoc basis at any time of the year, though this depends on availability of Club facilities and instructors.

All our instructors are happy to provide such refresher training.

Please e-mail