29th January: Report by the Honorary Treasurer sent to all members

National Lockdown


  • The clubhouse is currently closed and will remain so
  • The office will be manned; however, members will not be allowed to enter, please either phone or email for assistance
  • The WCs accessible via the under croft will remain open. Use of the WCs in the end of the Chandlery building will be restricted to staff only


  • Controlled access to the carpark for members will continue


  • A fully staffed yard operation will continue throughout this period
  • The haul out and relaunch activities will be maintained where possible
  • Members will be permitted to only undertake mandatory safety checks on their boats whilst in the yard
  • Members will not be permitted to assist with their boat’s haul out or relaunch. The member assistance discount will be applied for all boat movements undertaken by staff
  • Concessionary rates will be applied for maintenance/repair work undertaken on members boats by yard staff
  • Members must ensure that they socially distance from staff at all times.
  • Member access to the workshop is not permitted
  • All dinghies currently at the club must remain there. The yard staff may need to relocate them to facilitate yard operations. Storage charges will be waived for these boats
  • No additional boats, including windsurfers, paddleboards etc. will be permitted to be brought to the club until further notice
  • The Chandlery will be closed to visitors, however, Pete will be operating a basic ‘click & collect’ service for email orders, by specific arrangement
  • The club’s engineer, Richard, will continue to work until further notice


  • The Haven will remain open for members to access their boats for the purpose of only undertaking mandatory safety checks on their boats
  • Members are not permitted to use their boats
  • Overnight stays on boats are not permitted


  • No boat use of any form is permitted



If you have any questions, please email reception at

If you are not receiving the update emails from the club, please contact