YW22 – Jurassic Parkstone Logo Unveil

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YW22 – Jurassic Parkstone Logo Unveil
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YW22 – Jurassic Parkstone Logo Unveil

Hi YW Competitors (and parents)
Come join us on the adventure as we rediscover the lost world of Jurassic Parkstone

Official entries open shortly, but first it is time to announce the winner of the annual Youth Week logo competition.
Competition was ‘ferocious’; the committee have reviewed the finalists and made their decision. Click this link for the big unveiling: LOGO UNVEILING YOUTUBE
There is as much fun to be had volunteering at Youth Week as competing; opportunities for everyone to get involved, please email the team at pycyouthweek@gmail.com to offer help.

If you are not sure what an ‘on the water role’ involves take a look at this:
YW2018 Wednesday - A Volunteer's Story

But if the water isn’t for you, there are plenty of ways you can help on land.
If you have a boat or resources that might be helpful to support the event - we’d also love to hear from you.
We’re also still looking for budding directors to join the media team, please email if you can help at pycyouthweek@gmail.com
Next up will be the dance song poll, where you get to vote for the song that we will all be dancing along to over the next few weeks, in readiness for that first morning briefing.
Only 3 months to go!
Happy sailing, Sarah
YW Chairman
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Posted: 17/05/2022 13:54:07 by Sarah Blanchford

Trackback URL: https://parkstoneyachtclub.com/trackback/32bd7f4f-aa08-4922-970d-76dca0949f19/YW22_–_Jurassic_Parkstone_Logo_Unveil.aspx?culture=en-GB