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‘Thursday Shrimpers’ in Poole Harbour

Towards the end of the 2017 season, a weekly Shrimper cruising group was established at Parkstone Yacht Club.  Rather than being an 'organised' event, this is a group of like-minded people who wish to sail their Shrimpers (cruise not race!) in the company of others. 

Shrimper owners from all yacht/sailing clubs in Poole Harbour are welcome to participate.

The objective of each outing is to sail to a specified destination, raft up for lunch before sailing back to respective berths. The destinations are both within the Harbour and outside. Participants meet on the water, just off the Parkstone Yacht Club race platform at a specified time, normally 10:30.

To assist with individuals’ diary planning, these weekly events normally take place on a Thursday unless the weather forecast for Thursday of that week is not good, in which case the cruise takes place on a Tuesday if the forecast for that day is suitable.

An email is sent to all members on a Monday morning specifying the day of the event that week and the proposed route. To date, 36 Shrimper owners have signed up to receive the weekly email communication.

During the 2018 season, 21 weekly outings took place with at least 20 different Poole-based Shrimpers participating at some point during the season. The maximum number of participants on any one day was 13; the average was around 4 to 5. Participants were from four Poole based clubs.

‘Thursday Shrimper’s cruises complement the local SOA organised outings. Normally, Parkstone cruises do not take place in weeks in which an SOA organised event takes place.

If you wish to participate in future outings, please contact Mike Nichols.

Please note that each skipper is fully responsible for the safety of his/her boat and crew.