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Haven Information

Parkstone Yacht Club Haven has 232 deep water berths for members.

Visitor berths are available when Haven berth holders go away. Berthing fees are very reasonable and naturally the Yacht Club provides all the expected facilities of showers, bar & restaurant.

General Information

Storage of Boats and Equipment

Boats: Each boat must have her name or the name of the owner on the transom or stern. Boats left covered so that their name is obscured must have their name on the cover.

Equipment: Masts, spars, oars and gear stored on the Club premises must be clearly marked with the name of the boat or owner. This includes boat trailers, trolleys and cradles.

Dinghy Moorings on Pontoons

No dinghy exceeding 4.8m total length (including all overhangs & outboard motor or rudder) may be moored on the Haven pontoons. The maximum length for A Pontoon & L Pontoon is 4.2m. The maximum length for K Pontoon is 4.8m.

When berthed on a pontoon they must be properly secured so as not to cause damage with any protruding gear or fittings removed or brought inboard. If an outboard engine is left in an elevated position it must have the propeller and drive shaft structure covered to avoid causing damage to adjacent or manoeuvring craft.” (Bye Law D10.3)


Moorings are allocated as vacancies occur from the current applications list by seniority of Membership. Mooring licence fees and harbour dues are paid to the Harbour Master. The Club has an agreement with the Harbour Commissioners to pay members’ fees and dues in bulk on commission and these will be charged to Members’ accounts. The mooring licence fee will be charged automatically without written authority.

Yacht Haven Waiting List

The Club operates a waiting list for berths within the Haven. A refundable deposit of £1,000.00 is required. This is only available to Voting Members who fall within the Membership Categories of Rule 6 & Byelaw D3.2.


When a member wishes to bring a boat to the Club, or dispose of his boat, he must inform the General Manager. When the boat is sold to a non-member of the Club, the member selling his boat is liable to the Club for all expenses incurred until the boat is removed from the Club premises. If a boat stored at the Club is sold through a broker, the Club is entitled to a portion of the commission charged by that broker. The practice of buying and selling for profit or business boats kept or repaired on Club premises is prohibited.


The Club insurance policy does not cover members’ boats, gear or property on the Club premises, on pontoons or moorings or on pontoon berths in the Haven. They are entirely at members’ own risk.Members must insure their boats, gear and property against fire and other risks while in store and risk of damage whilst being hauled up, launched, and on moorings and pontoon berths. The General Committee strongly recommends that all boats shall be covered by Insurance against third party liability to a minimum of £3,000,000.

Haven Office Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 08:30 - 12:30
13:30 - 17:00
Saturday - Sunday: 08:00 - 15:00